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Rock Creek is high for this time of year. Very high. At 600 cfs Rock Creek is pretty difficult to wade. At the time of this report, Rock Creek is approaching 3000 cfs. While the creek is floatable, it is dangerous. If you're planning a float, be safe. Wear a life jacket. If in doubt, scout it out. 

That said, the fish are still eating. We recommend wading side channels for the best fishing. See below for our tips for fly fishing Rock Creek near Philipsburg.

Here are a few tips for fly fishing Rock Creek:

1. Think slow inside deeper bends, runs with a couple feet of walking speed water and structure, riffles, and undercut banks.
2. Try swinging a march brown emerger soft hackle behind a streamer in the long, walking speed runs.
3. Try a black and purple chubby with a medium length dropper of a hot bead worm or zebra midge. The fish have been looking up!

Here are a few fly suggestions:

1. Micro-chubby size 14, in black and purple

2. Purple Haze size 12-20

3. March Brown Soft Hackle Emerger size 12-14

4. Kreelex Minnow size 6, in copper/gold

5. TJ Hooker size 12-14, in coffee/black

6. Pheasant Tail Nymph size 16-20

7. Hot Bead San Juan Worm size 10, red with a hot orange bead

Flows and looking ahead:

Flow: 2930 cfs at the time of publishing this report

Here is a link to the Rock Creek USGS Water Information.

Rock Creek side channels are full of water and are probably the best places to access fish. Other options are wading up one side of the creek and finding the soft water with a couple feet of depth and some structure, and cast tight to the bank.

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Tight lines!