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Fishing Report

Here's a report for our local and regional waters:

Flint Creek: Flint has been iced up all winter and that is still the case as we have had very cold overnight temperatures. We're watching closely to keep you up to date when there is enough open water to fish.

Rock Creek: Rock Creek is fishing well and probably is one of the better options in our area. Think double or single nymph rigs, soft hackles, or a dry dropper. Our go-to rig right now is a black and purple micro-chubby with a mid-length hares ear nymph. Try just the Hare's Ear for a single nymph or a TJ Hooker, and a TJ Hooker and Hare's Ear nymph for a double nymph rig.

Georgetown Lake: Georgetown lake is iced up and ice fishing has been just ok. The lake closes from April 1 to the third Saturday in May. Check the FWP regulations for more information.

Clark Fork River: The Clark fork is in good shape right now. Zebra midges, scuds, sow-bugs, hot-bead worms, and hare's ear nymphs are the ticket. Also try a Kreelex minnow for a streamer option.

Missouri River: Flows aren't the best for wading right now, but its not impossible. The other side of the divide can be quite warmer than here this time of year. We enjoy the 'Mo on the swing. Trout spey set-ups in the 3wt-4wt variety are a lot of fun. Try swinging a leech pattern or a kreelex minnow. If you're nymphing try a scud and sow-bug, or zebra midges.